Hilltops Council news

FOLLOWING the election in September last year, the new council had a lot to digest in the many meetings that were held so we could be properly informed on what was happening.

As we head into 2018 it’s time for the work to begin. The plans need to be finalised and action needs to start. For most people, that means ensuring that when they interact with council they understand what is happening and what they need to do rather than being given the runaround.

For many rural ratepayers, their number one concern is roads and road access. It’s great for plans to talk about new libraries and halls and air conditioning and any number of other capital improvements when some of our roads are simply not up to scratch and vehicles are quite literally being shaken to bits as they try to get to and from town to shop, to get their kids to school or buy their supplies etc.

Technology is so advanced that many see driverless cars becoming the norm within five to 10 years, yet many farms can’t get a B-double into their property to get the produce in or out that is the very essence of this council area. These basic issues need addressing by Hilltops Council for the South West Slopes to be the agricultural powerhouse of this region.

In Harden there is a critical shortage of land for the construction of new housing which is so desperately needed for population growth. The LEP is crucial so land rezoning occurs which will provide opportunities for developers.

It is important that the Hilltops Council makes decisions this year that have a “boots on the ground impact”. We need to make sure the plans are followed up by actions that lead to outcomes for those who already live and work in this council area.