Hawks appoint former assistant coach Anthony ‘Gee’ Giannasca to Head Coach role for 2018 season

NEW ERA: The Hawks will be steered by former assistant coach Anthony 'Gee' Gianassca in 2018.
NEW ERA: The Hawks will be steered by former assistant coach Anthony 'Gee' Gianassca in 2018.

The Harden Hawks have named former assistant coach Anthony ‘Gee’ Giannasca as their Head Coach for 2018.

It comes after former Hawks general Matt McLay chose to step down from the coaching position to focus entirely on playing for a final year in the maroon jersey.

Giannasca’s role was sealed last week with the experienced tactician excited at the prospect of extending his Harden tenure with a premiership-winning side.

“It’s a nice town out there and it’s really nice to see them get behind the team so I’m really looking forward to next year,” Giannasca said.

“A lot of boys are looking at coming back next year so the roster is looking pretty much the same.”

The new coach will undoubtedly follow the old adage of “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but the top form of Harden’s youngsters has caught his attention.

“There are some promising young kids coming through too, so I’m looking forward to putting them into the roster as well.”

Club president Jason Pollard said he was pleased Giannasca filled the position and looked forward to watching the side develop under his leadership.

“It’s great to have him back,” he said.

“We’re retaining the majority of players which is good to see but I’m sure Gee will be looking a few younger players to come up and push for that open squad.”

Pollard also tipped Youth League stars Will Quinn and Pat Smith to make their senior debuts in 2018.

Giannasca’s appointment caps a remarkable year of league success in Harden following the club’s two premiership victories in the Hawks and Youth League (over  and a grand final appearance for the Hawkettes against Bungendore Tigers.