Hilltops Residents - are you vote ready?

Hilltops Council general manager Anthony McMahon has sent out a reminder to residents of the Hilltops to check their details on the electoral roll to ensure they’re eligible to have a say in the local government election taking place in September.

Mr McMahon said residents have until the end of July to confirm their details.

“The electoral roll closes on July 31, so for anyone who needs to update their details, they should contact the NSW Electoral Commission to make any necessary changes,” Mr McMahon said.

Mr McMahon said the same timeline applies for those wishing to register to vote for the first time.

“If you have turned 18 since the last election, you need to  make sure you’re eligible to have  your say about the area you live in,” Mr McMahon said.

Mr McMahon said those who don’t reside in the Hilltops Council LGA (Local Government Area) but are eligible to vote, can download the ‘individual’ claim or ‘nominee’ form for inclusion on the roll of non-resident owners, on Hilltops Council’s website, http://hilltops.nsw.gov.au/.

The election for the inaugural Hilltops Council will be conducted by the NSW Electoral Commission. Residents are also reminded that voting is compulsory. The election will be held on Saturday, September 9, where 11 councillors from across the Hilltops region will be elected for a three-year term. 

Information for voters and potential candidates can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission local government election website: www.votensw.info.