Gone fishing with Craig Harris

ALL YELLOW: Russell Hillier with a yella caught at Burrinjuck. Send your pictures tocraig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.
ALL YELLOW: Russell Hillier with a yella caught at Burrinjuck. Send your pictures tocraig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

BACK this weekend and short and sweet. I didn’t have a great deal to write about last weekend and I would have assumed that most actually went fishing or camping, boating or just generally having a good time outside. instead of reading waffle by yours truly.

I would love to say that I had the chance to go fishing but unfortunately that was not the case. I did get on the water on Monday when I took a customer/mate for a test drive in the “Riv Jet” and fortunately for us the river was at 1.16 metres, which is pretty low, and it gave the boat the perfect opportunity to show what it was capable of.

We went to Armstrongs and travelled up stream at 40km/h and anyone who knows this area that is inviting danger for a standard boat. And didn’t we get some looks from those who were there and because it looks exactly like a normal boat, motor package on the water, they would have been thinking – there is going to be some damage in a minute – but no, we cruised through rapids and exposed snags with ease and safety.

I still think that these motors are the best for any river system and I am not saying that just because I sell them. Truth be known, I can make more money repairing the damaged gearboxes of standard outboards that what I can out of a jet outboard. So now I am on my next concept boat now, a bit smaller therefore a bit cheaper but I might even keep this one myself, just don’t tell the wife.

I was contacted during the week by a young lady regarding Blowering Dam. She said asked why the Riverina towns along with Wagga don’t sell the accolades of such a fantastic area.

I didn’t catch whether she was a local, but the glowing review she gave of the impoundment and all the campers around the area, meant that she and her family had a great Easter break there.

She is not far wrong either if you think about it, Blowering is a fantastic fishing impoundment even though to some it is known as Lake Disappointment, there is enough water around, even at 30 per cent that you can have you own little area to play ski boats, fish, canoe, swim and generally do anything water.

Every now and then there are some people who push the boundaries of boating etiquette but that is only a very small percentage of those at this impoundment. It’s good to hear that everyone was getting along and cleaning up after themselves cos if we don’t, being a National Park, the powers that be can always restrict access.

Had a good mate go to Tantangara with his extended family over the four days and managed to get a good feed of trout flat-lining Tassies. I would have thought the water may have still been a bit warm for flat-lining but what would I know! Maybe I just try to analyse things too much and if I think too much, it can be dangerous. SO, if you want to get a feed of the “spotted mountain carp” before it gets too cold and you chicken out, get up in the mountains in the near future.

If you want to catch a fish pretty much anywhere around the Riverina it is fishing pretty bloody good, and if we all keep doing the right thing, it should be like this for a long time to come.

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