Letter to the Editor: Decision on GM’s contract ‘short sighted’

Hilltops Council general manager Anthony McMahon.
Hilltops Council general manager Anthony McMahon.

Along with the general community, I have been made aware in recent days of council’s decision to “go to the market” and not renew our current general manager’s contract. 

I am absolutely dumbfounded at this decision.  

Anthony McMahon has proven himself to be always positive and very forward thinking with the interests of the entire Hilltops Council community paramount in his decision-making.  

It is without doubt that he has worked incredibly hard, putting in ridiculous working hours, since the announcement of administration and into the period of working with the newly elected council.

This is despite well known personal health issues.

The evidence of his achievements is plain to see in the number of projects that have been funded across the shire and which now, without any doubt, will be in jeopardy trying to meet stringent government deadlines.

Council has been advertising several positions for some time without success and currently has an acting Director of Infrastructure. 

Should Anthony depart there is a high probability that other staff will also leave which may result in serious dysfunction for Hilltops Council at a time when there is the difficult task of amalgamating the three previous councils.

In my long working career I have rarely had the privilege to work with such a dynamic, dedicated, intelligent and empathetic human being.  

Your decision to “go to the market” rather than renew the contract of a known, competent general manager is short sighted, lacks vision and is totally lacking business acumen.

Jan Ryan, Harden