Pennant teams do Harden proud on the weekend

It was a good weekend for all our Pennant bowlers, with both the Number 4 and Number 7 teams winning. The results are as follows:

Number 4 teams versed Quandialla at Harden: Tom Apps, Rod Cooper, John Peterson and Kyle Murray defeated Bevan McAlister, Ken McAlister, Robert Piefke and Garry Penfold 26 to 8.

Rod James, Graham Murray, Tony Fisher and Chris Hocking defeated Robert McAlister, Geoff Edgerton, Brendan McAlister and David Piefke 28 to 12. 

Terry Ricketts, Shane McKellar, Reuben Rycroft and Tom Hawkins defeated John Priestley, Chris Causer, Col Oliver and Peter Edgerton 17 to 15.

Aggregate: Harden 71; Quandialla 35; Points: Harden 10; Quandialla 0

Number 7 teams versed Bribbaree/Young at Bribbaree: Warren Chesworth, Brian Gibson, John Balcomb and Cary Peters defeated C.Petherbridge, R.Murray, R.Hanigan and J.Drum 21 to 14.

Alan Tobin, Danny Vincent, Barney Heywood and Brayden Jurd defeated B.McNair, E.Murphy, S.Thomas and S.Murphy 23 to 18 23 to 18.

John Curtis, David Walker, Warwick Prosser and Tony Zervos lost to T.Howell, A.Hutchinson, S.Douglas and P.Henson 17 to 20.

Aggregate: Harden 61; Bribbaree/Young 52.

Points: Harden 9; Bribbaree/Young 1

Next Sunday, both teams will be at home. The Number 4’s will play Young and the Number 7’s will play Boorowa Recreation Club. 

Number 4 Teams: 

Tom Apps, Rod Cooper, John Peterson and Kyle Murray; 

Rod James, Graham Murray, Tony Fisher and Chris Hocking; 

Terry Ricketts, Shane McKellar, Craig Phillis and Tom Hawkins.

Number 7 Teams: 

Alan Tobin, Danny Vincent, Barney Heywood and Brayden Jurd; 

John Curtis, David Walker, Reuben Rycroft and Tony Zervos; 

Warren Chesworth, Brian Gibson, John Balcomb and Cary Peters.

Reserves: Warwick Prosser, Matt Peisley, Jesse James, Derek Heywood and Dick Walsh.

Mufti Bowls Sunday morning: 

Jesse James, Dick Walsh and Jed Davis defeated Bill Graham, Doug Hawkins and Derek Heywood 14 to 7.

Business House Bowls:

HKC Boys defeated Outdoor Store 9 to 5;

Sweet’n’Sour defeated Bendigo Bank 10 to 4;

HKC Girls defeated Heywood Racing 9 to 5;

Panthers defeated Fuel Supplies 9 to 5;

Spackie’s Septics defeated Deephole Fishing 8 to 6;

Team TMG defeated 000’s 10 to 4;

Hard’n’Fit defeated Better than Sachs 10 to 4.

Maestro Pairs: 

At Stockinbingal last Friday night in the Semi-finals of the Maestro Pairs, Rod James and Darryl Bruest were knocked out of the competition by jim Deacon and Terry McDonald from Cootamundra Ex Services. However, Graham Murray and Craig Phillis defeated Geoff Debritt and Col Petherbridge and will now play Jim and Terry in the Final on Friday night.

Charity Night:

On Saturday the Deephole Fishing Club will host a charity night, starting at 6 pm. The matches will be played with teams of three and entry is $20 per player.

Club Singles:

Bowlers are advised that entry for the Club Singles Major and Minor Grades will close on Saturday. If you are not on the list, you will miss out.

Ladies Bowls: SW District President Robyn Apps attended the Cootamundra Ex Services President’s Day on Wednesday, March 7. Her team of Pat Walker and played well, but no prizes. Chris Hancock, Joan Clark and Dianne Debritt represented Harden and played well but no prizes.

The local ladies Pennant players had the Young club over for some practice for the upcoming Pennant season last Saturday. On Sunday morning, the local girls will again practice before their 11.30 am meeting.