Cootamundra Saleyards & Associated Agents sale

THE Cootamundra Saleyards & Associated Agent held its fortnightly sale, with a good yarding of 4803 head – up 1600 on the last sale.

The market consisted of 3229 lambs, 1140 ewes, 62 hoggets, 25 rams, and 347 wethers.

With a couple of buyers absent the market opened to a cheaper trend, of up $12 but as the market progressed it was not quite as bad especially for the fresh shorn 20 to 23kg CW trade lambs, being $3 to $5 cheaper.

The quality of the yarding was very good, with trade weight lambs the highlight. Mutton where in good numbers with some heavier mutton available. 

Store lambs were limited with a few pens going to the feedlots and restockers, although the processor were once again active in the lighter lambs, making up to $120.

Top price for lambs went to regular supplier JD & MM Chapman of Harden, with a quality pen of  shorn XB Lambs making $160. These lambs, with an estimated carcase weight of 26.5kg and a skin value of $8 came back at $5.65kg CW.

Most prices were in the range of $5.60 to $6 for the heavier lambs while the fresh shorn trade lambs were still making $6.40 to a high of $6.80kg CW, with a leading processor active on these lambs.

OTHER QUOTES: XB New Season Lambs: 24 to 27  KG CW made from $150 to $160. 20 to 24 KG CW made from $145 to $155. 18 to 20 KG CW made from $135 to $145. 16 to 18 KG  CW made from $115 to $125. 14 to 16 KG CW made from $80 to $115.

The top price mutton went to a pen of heavy Merino wethers making $ 136. Lighter mutton made between $75 to $85 per head with boner mutton making between $30 to $50.  Most mutton ranged between $3.90 to $4.30kg CW.

Limited hoggets sold to a top of $ 130 to be $15 of the pace

Cootamundra Sale Yards and Associated Agents’ next sale is Wednesday, February 21 at 8.30am. Please book early with your preferred agent.

This story Yarding up by 1600 at saleyard first appeared on Cootamundra Herald.