Touch footy's warm-up round is next Thursday

Time to dust off your footy boots for 2018 as the touch footy competition warms up next Thursday, January 18.

Competition grades for 2018 are as follows:

A Grade: Jacksons Bakery; Boorowa Real Estate; Electric Septics; Bendigo Bank and Harden Pharmacy

B Grade: ABC Freighters; Binalong Bangers; The Rams; Fullers Taxi Trucks and Rob Scott Electrical

C Grade: Binalong Boomers; Hard ‘n’ Fit; Carrington Hotel; Kennett Rural and The Fossils

D Grade: Wii Not Fit; Bindon Bruisers; Demondrille Merino’s; Haart Entertainment and Fit n Well

E Grade: Hard Hat Angus; Smashing Cherries; Jugiong Jackasses; The Replacements and Hard Rock Gym

Round 1, Thursday January 18:

Round 1 is ‘warm up round’ and will be the washed out game from the pre-Christmas rounds

BBQ/Kitchen Duty: The Fossils


Bendigo Bank v ABC Freighters, Field 1; Duty: Jacksons Bakery

Boorowa Real Estate v Demondrille Merino’s Field 2; Duty: Harden Pharmacy

Carrington Hotel v Wii Not Fit; Field 3; Duty: Hard Rock Gym

Fit n Well v Kennett Rural; Field 4; Duty: Hard n Fit

6.35 pm:

Jacksons Bakery v Rob Scott Electrical, Field 1; Duty: The Rams

Harden Pharmacy v Electric Septics; Field 2; Duty: Smashing Cherries

Binalong Boomers v Bindon Bruisers; Field 3; Duty: Fullers Taxi Trucks

Hard n Fit v Hard Rock Gym, Field 4; Duty: Carrington Hotel

7.10 pm:

The Rams v The Replacements; Field 1; Duty: Rob Scott Electrical

Smashing Cherries v Hard Hat Angus; Field 2; Duty: Bindon Bruisers

Fullers Taxi Trucks v Binalong Bangers; Field 3; Duty: Electric Septics

Haart Entertainment v Jugiong Jackasses; Field 4; Duty: Binalong Boomers

Hope to see everyone down at the competition to cheer on their favourite team!