Hilltops Council news

What an interesting week in politics. It turned my mind to what characteristics make a good leader. Leadership courses almost always focus on the skills and competencies expected of leaders; for example, how to give feedback, how to communicate, how to deal with conflict.

Rarely is character a topic, even though who a leader is, can often be the most reliable predictor of what a leader actually does.

Commentary by the NSW Deputy Premier regarding the Prime Minister’s tenure has drawn much condemnation and character assessment.

All the while regional communities just want the Deputy Premier to respond to calls for a solution to a shortfall of funds on merger transition.

These costs are not isolated to Hilltops Council, with all merged regional councils expending the $5 million allocated which includes the Queanbeyan-Palerang Council and Snowy Monaro Council, situated in his own electorate of Monaro.

Since the beginning of the merger period we have been advocating for equity in transition merger costs.

Unbelievably, metropolitan councils flagged for merger were to receive $10 million and their rural counterparts only $5 million. Why the disparity?

With the metropolitan mergers extinguished surely the allocated funds could be allocated to cover these transition funding shortfalls.

Perhaps the Deputy Premier’s focus should be in his own backyard.

I am certain there would be plenty of attention and focus in the media if he were to criticise his own governments’ apathy in addressing this problem.

So, in my opinion Mr Barilaro should be considering what Christmas gift our community desires.