Harden touch draw

Duty:  Electric Septics

6pm: The Fossils v The Rams 1. The Replacements v Fullers Taxi Trucks 2. Kennett Rural v Carrington Hotel 3. Hard Rock Gym v Fit n Well 4.

6.35pm: Jacksons Bakery v Binalong Bangers 1. Rob Scott Electrical v Boorowa Real Estate 2. Hard Hat Angus v Haart Entertainment 3. Binalong Boomers v Hard n Fit 4. 

7.10pm: ABC Freighters v Harden Pharmacy 1. Demondrille Merino’s v Bendigo Bank 2. Jugiong Jackasses v Bindon Bruisers 3. Wii Not Fit v Smashing Cherries 4.


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