Hilltops Council news

WHEN I put my hand up to run for Hilltops Council, I said it was because I wanted to see the new region thrive. Now, as a proud member of council, I’m more determined than ever to ensure that together, we make certain the region achieves its full potential.

Set against the backdrop of prudent budgetary spending and guided by the principles of growth and sustainable development, I believe there are significant opportunities for us to leverage funding to future-proof our region.

One such growth area is a vibrant arts and cultural sector. We are blessed with a rich heritage and a wealth of artistic talent. The work required to make some of this vision a reality is under way, with plans on the table for the development of the Community and Education Precinct. This will include the highly-anticipated Library and University Centre, and will also house various other arts and cultural groups.

In fact, the location of the centre will be one of the first big decisions this council makes in this term of office. I want to assure readers that it’s a decision that will only be made once we’ve listened to the community and heard their thoughts and ideas. What must be foremost though (and not lost in the debate on location) is the truism that having a public library contributes to the development of human capital and the social infrastructure of the community. Libraries allow access to all, and the considered and careful dissemination of now superabundant information of wildly varying quality and uncertain provenance.

Council aims to be remembered for its community collaboration and I look forward to engaging with residents in an ongoing conversation about fulfilling the growth potential of Hilltops.