Hilltops Council news, September 13, 2017

ROADS are – and always will be – a primary focus of our work here at Hilltops Council.

Quality road infrastructure is not only important from a safety point of view, it’s vital to the transport of freight in and out of our region, and is a necessary part of ensuring we attract visitors – and potential new residents – to the area.

To that end, council has just put forward a robust roads funding proposal seeking approximately $17 million for 10 projects from the NSW State Government, under the Fixing Country Roads program.

This program is aimed at providing targeted funding to councils for road repair and upgrades; the idea is that by building efficient freight transport networks locally, it will help our residents, visitors and businesses, better connect with state highways and key freight hubs.

Council worked with local and regional industry representatives involved in freight transport in our area, to help ensure our application included projects identified as productivity pinch-points, that at the same time aligned with the program’s assessment criteria.

Council has been successful in securing grants under previous rounds of the Fixing Country Roads program, which have gone towards projects including the Burrangong Creek Bridge as well as the Murringo Road and Cunningar Road upgrades, so we’re hopeful of similar success this time around.

Obviously having quality, accessible and safe transport routes are the key to our local agricultural economy, and it’s programs like this that give us the boost we need to increase our economic competitiveness.

  • For a list of projects Council is seeking to secure grant funding for, visit council’s website: www.hilltops.nsw.gov.au