Harden golf news, September 14, 2017

IN CONJUNCTION with their matchplay match, the boys joined the field and competed for Darrell’s trophy, throwing some points on their card when they eeked some out.

Todd Elliott has shown his form was in good play not just in match play, two very different styles of play. Todd has shot three better than his handicap to score 39 points in order to finish one shot ahead of four players all on 38 points. 

Combined runners up and ball winners on 38 points included Kevin Hoppe, Tam Kennedy, Ian Bruce and Bernie Parker. Good to see the Flying Scotsman join the trio of regular point scorers with all looking to break through over the past month.

Our Bendigo Bank Hole in One did not go off, however it looks like everybody’s radar is getting swarred in.  Our own Lee Majors the $1000 Man got nearest this week and over 148 metres to get one in to 1.17 metres is no mean feat. 

Peter claimed the ball for his effort.