Harden golf news, September 12, 2017

ONE OF the most anticipated matches destined to happen in 2017, came to fruition on Saturday where Todd Elliott and Rick Preston competed for the much coveted 2017 Dempster Cup. In the finish Todd has prevailed and capped off a year of dynamic form, clearing out the club’s silverware all over the shop and into his own trophy cabinet. Todd has won a very tight encounter three holes up with one to play meaning that the match was alive and kicking all the way through to the 17th green.

Todd’s flair and youthful brilliance has dominated at club level, the number one regional match play pennant player for this season. Rick’s deliberate and reasoned style just did not quite get the job done with Todd saving some of his best golf of the season for this match.

The Dempster Cup is one of the oldest trophies competed for in the Harden Murrumburrah District and it is much revered amongst a club that prides itself on its match play. A look at the two tiers of champion shields on this tall and imposing silver trophy is a walk down memory lane through the ages and iterations of Harden golf.  What is even more striking is those club champions who have not claimed the Dempster Cup and there are a few of them that would like a drink from this big cup.

About 25 years ago, Rick was playing reigning club champion Peter Elliott in a match that was going well in Peter’s favour. These were the days before mobile phone’s and Peter was at the 9th hole with a putt to go four holes up on Rick. One of the bar maids from the club has come running out and grabbed Peter – he had to shake Rick’s hand and concede the match. Apparently Todd decided that was the moment he was coming in to the world with a heavily pregnant and overdue Jeanette already on her way to the hospital. Todd was born a mere few hours later. In a way it was Todd’s destiny this year, to finish the job that his Dad had started 25 years ago, against the same poor bloke.

Rick has gone on to win the Dempster Cup subsequently, however poor Peter has not, despite having many club champions trophies and Australian two man ambrose championships to his name. 


THE crowning jewel in our calendar is this weekend, the Bruce Ware Australian two man ambrose championships. This year the Harden Country Club is our proud sponsor and they are so pleased to see 200 golfers hit off each day for a weekend where friendships are re-formed, golfers of all ability are catered for on course, in the trophy list, at the barbecue and in the bar.