Harden golf news, August 10, 2017

IN THE LEAD: The 2017 Club championships are under way with Ben Glover in the lead by 11 shots. Picture: Jody Potts

IN THE LEAD: The 2017 Club championships are under way with Ben Glover in the lead by 11 shots. Picture: Jody Potts

THE 2017 Club Championships are in full swing at the Harden Country Club and the form players are in the box seat after two rounds in each of the three grades being contested. 

In the race for the coveted Club Champion position, Ben Glover once more leads the way with a very handy lead going into the second weekend of play. 

Ben has put together two very tradesman-like rounds in some trying winter weather, to be 11 shots clear of Kevin.

Day one our players faced the starter for the Thompson’s Rural Supplies Trophy, the August Monthly Medal and Guzzler’s Mug. 

Our stand out player relative to handicap for the day was Tom Poole. Tom presented with a 65 nett, or six shots better than his handicap and scooped up the day’s event, the B Grade Medal and the Guzzler’s Mug, one shot clear of the wily veteran Herby Manwaring who had a very tidy 67 nett.

The A Grade Medal was picked up by the defending Club Champion, Ben Glover  who started round one with a triple bogey seven on the first hole and was then seen shaking his head all the way to the second tee. 

Much to Ben’s credit however he played the next 17 holes in 1 under the card to present with a 2 over 73 off the beater.Ben picked up the best scratch score of the day as well as the A Grade Medal.

The best B Grade scratch score for the day went to the day’s event runner-up, Herby Manwaring, with 84 off the stick.  Balls in the large field went back to 73 nett on a countback and were awarded to Herby Manwaring (67), Ben Glover (69), Peter Steinke (69), Tam Kennedy (71), Robert Bates (71), Ian Bruce (71), Michael Baldry (72), and Craig Davis (73 c/b). 

Our nearest the pin on the Bendigo Bank Hole in One Hole went to Peter Steinke who looks to be narrowing in on his next $1000 with a shot of 2.82m away from the cup.  The box of brown sandwiches that goes with Medal days was popularly won by Craig Davis.

Day two, the Harden Bearing’s Service Trophy, was where our players in all grades began to settle into their groove. Again another round out of the box came to us but it was a C Grade mover this time in Tim Beveridge.  Timmy has put a round in that was six better than his handicap for a nett 65, good enough by a whole six shots on the field to claim the prize.

Nearest to Tim and leading off the ball comp was Ron Kerr (71), then followed by Robert Bates (72), Peter Steinke (73), Peter Elliott (73), Kevin Hoppe (73) and Rick Preston (73).  An even closer nearest the pin was recorded on Day 2 with Robert Bates trying his hardest to claim the Bendigo Bank Hole in One. Robert was a mere 1.05m from the prize.

State of play after the second round of championship: A Grade: Ben Glover 151, Kevin Hoppe 162, Peter Steinke 165; B Grade: Robert Bates 175, Ian Bruce 177, Tam Kennedy 177; C Grade: Tim Beveridge 187, Michael Baldry 187, Eric Kuhn 193. The rest of the field results are all up on the big scoreboard in the Club, should you be interested.