High speed wireless broadband in Harden

HARDEN Murrumburrah residents will have access to high speed wireless broadband from Monday making the town one of the most technologically advanced rural towns in the country,

The service, being provided by the South Western Wireless Communications Company (SWWCC), will deliver access to internet services and products at up to 10 times the speed being promised by the National Broadband Network.

Stephen Byrne, one of the principals of SWWCC, said that the service would be available from Monday as the transmission tower at Demondrille was installed yesterday morning.

He said from Monday residents would be able to visit hardeninternet.com to see what services they could access under the new service.

Alternatively they could visit the Barnes Store Emporium and Cafe to see how it will operate.

He said the cost of the service would start from $20 a month and people could add other services as they wished.

Under this service people would be able to use 100M of day.

Mr Byrne also said the service would feature a service called LocalNet, which effectively turned the entire town into a local network and that all traffic that stayed on the South Western Wireless network would be free.

Subscribers would also be able to email, phone or video conference anyone else on the network without using their data allowance.

“The users will never be charged for moving data inside the South Western wireless network,” he said.

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